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Initial appointments last for approximately 60 – 90 minutes and include a thorough and full assessment of your animal, followed by a treatment session and home exercise programme, if appropriate. Subsequent follow-up sessions will usually last 60 minutes.
Sessions will typically consist of the following aspects:

  • Taking a full history of the animal (initial assessment only)
  • Static and dynamic gait assessment
  • Palpation (hands-on analysis of the animal’s musculoskeletal system)
  • Assessing the animal’s joint range of motion
  • Personalised treatment programme (formed of massage, myofascial release, stretches, electrotherapies and thermotherapy as appropriate)
  • Personalised home exercise plan to optimise progress between physiotherapy sessions.


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Pricing Information
Feline Physiotherapy Sessions – £35 each

Canine Physiotherapy Sessions – £40 each

Equine Physiotherapy Sessions – £40 each
Alternatively, buy a block of 5 physiotherapy sessions for just £180.
Travel costs, if applicable, will be determined upon booking.
I can also hire out a phototherapy unit to clients to enable daily use at home, for the price of £20 per week.
It may be possible to claim back the cost of veterinary physiotherapy treatment through your animal’s insurance provider. Please contact your insurer for confirmation. A receipt will be issued after your appointment, in order to allow you to claim back the cost.



Terms and Conditions
Veterinary Referral and Consent
Veterinary referral is required prior to treating any animal, in accordance with the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966.
Please download the referral form, by clicking here, fill in your details and take to your veterinary surgeon for their approval and signature. Please ensure you have the signed referral form for your first physiotherapy appointment, otherwise I will not be able to provide treatment. Should you wish me to contact your veterinary surgeon on your behalf to gain authorisation, please just let me know prior to your first session.
Payment in full is to be made at the time of the appointment, including appointments to be claimed back through pet insurance.

Payment can be made by cash, cheque (payable to J Alcock) or BACs, however payment by BACs must be received 24 hours prior to the appointment.

A minimum of 24 hours notice is required for cancellations. Cancellations within 24 hours or ‘no show’ appointments will incur a £25 cancellation fee.
Animal Health

Should your animal become ill or unwell, it may not be advisable to provide physiotherapy treatment. In this situation, please contact me as soon as possible to discuss whether treatment needs to be postponed.